Saturday, May 28, 2011

Walmart & Costco pictures may 28th 2011

Here are some more pictures from our walmart and Costco visit. They even made a Broncos symbol our football team for Id. out of the CMN balloons. And Gracy later on gets to take it home, now finding a place big enough for it LOL. Every one was great Tank you so much Walmart and Costco.

Pic's from Walmart and Costco

Walmart and Costco

We were asked to come back to launch walmart on May 28th 2011 to except a award certificate from the Bronco's and a free certificate for our family for a Hot air balloon ride. How exciting! We then visited our Costco store in Nampa Id. And were greeted with open arms and big smiles from the managers and staff. Gracy was escorted around meeting most of the cashiers who have been working so hard to help raise money for Gracy and CMN. Then the manager took us to the front of the store to see what they made for Gracy, Since Gracy is such a huge fan of the Bronco's they made a symbol of the Bronco's out of the balloons that were sold horse head Broncos. Gracy thought that was so neat when the fund raising is done there giving that to Gracy to take home, now finding a big enough place for it to go LOL. Thank you to Walmart Super store and Costco in Nampa for all your hard work and dedication to Gracy and CMN God Bless you all.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Gracy injoying her cup cake

Gracy's picture cake

Everyone was so nice.

Hi We had our Wal mart Launch Event at nampa Franklin Walmart Id. We had such a great time Walmart went out of their way to make Gracy feel like a Champion child. We received a beautiful cake with Gracy's picture on it, and a $500.00 gift card to help with our up coming trip in Oct. Gracy received a phone (not loaded) and she loves to talk on it has not stopped. She also received a Minnie Mouse and CMN Moose stuffed animals, which she sleeps with every night. We had a great welcome Thank you Walmart for making our Gracy feel special.