Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dairy Queen Blizzards

On Aug, 11, 2011 Was Dairy Queen Blizzard day for childrens Miracle Network. For every blizzard sold Dairy queen donate $1.00 to the CMN. We visited 12th St. Nampa and they treated gave our family a blizzard, We went around and talked with some of the customer's who were helping out with this great cause. We wanted to share with every one so we asked the customers if they would be in our pictures? They were non to happy to help out. We want to also thank the manager and staff for there hard work. Also special thanks to Buiold a bear they made and donated these wonderful bears dressed just like D Q employees. The staff gave Gracy the bear from there store the others will be actioned off. We want to say Thank you to every one who supported CMN.